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Professional Aquabike by Hydrorider®

Ready to add aquatic cycling to your fitness routine? The Professional Aquabike by Hydrorider offers a maximum fitness experience to take your interval training to new levels.

With multiple resistance settings and adjustable positioning, the Professional model offers the ultimate aqua-cycling experience. Handlebars and saddle are adjustable for correct body positioning and targeted workouts. Dial in your experience with three grades of resistance, in addition to natural acceleration resistance.

  • Compatibility: Recommended for the four-seat V150W and all configurations of the ATV-14 and ATV-17.1

1Not recommended for the eight-seat V150P

V150W Swim Spa with Aquabike by Hydrorider

PLEASE NOTE: Hydrorider recommends wearing water shoes while aqua cycling. You may also purchase accessory shoeless pedals (not pictured) which are sold separately.


  • Handlebars and Saddle: Adjustable vertically, horizontally, fore and aft for correct body positioning and targeted workouts. Handlebars are also reversible for additional posture options necessary in rehabilitation. Saddle available in a variety of color options.
  • Pro Flywheel: The Professional Aquabike offers an innovative four element pedal flywheel with pin rotation and a synthetic self-lubricated bearing.
  • Resistance: Variable settings for three grades of resistance, in addition to natural acceleration resistance.
  • Base: Covered with double anti-skid rubber protection for better floor adhesion. Adjustable for pool depth. Safe on all types of pool floors.
  • Professional Grade: Metal components are AISI 316L marine stainless steel. Made in Italy.

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The Professional Aquabike is available directly from HydroriderUSA.com. Enter promo code MARQUISPB at checkout for a $150 discount off the purchase price. Plus, USA customers (lower 48 states) pay no extra shipping.2 Limit of one promo code per transaction.


2ALASKA AND HAWAII: Additional shipping costs may apply. OUTSIDE THE USA: Contact Hydrorider Customer Service at supportteam@hydroriderusa.com. Mention applicable promo code to receive a discount off the purchase price. Shipping costs determined by Hydrorider. For more information, contact Hydrorider Customer Service. RETURN POLICY: All returns are fulfilled by Hydrorider and subject to their return policies and fees. For example, Hydrorider may apply a $500 restocking fee for a Professional Aquabike purchased and returned in the United States. Any transactions involving Hydrorider products are exclusively between Hydrorider and the purchasing customer or agent. 

Also Available from Hydrorider

Additional products are available at HydroriderUSA.com. Enter promo code MARQUIS10 at checkout to receive 10% off equipment, accessories and apparel. Limit of one promo code per transaction.2

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